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Discover Top Brokers Supported by Myalgomate Algo Trading Software

The names of Myalgomate brokers listed on our website are included for informational purposes only. Myalgomate Technologies LLP does not enter into partnerships, agreements, or affiliations with any of the brokers mentioned. These names serve to inform our clients about the compatibility of broker APIs with our platform.

  1. 5 paisa – XTS
  2. AC Agarwal – XTS
  3. Achintya Securities Pvt. Ltd – XTS
  4. Ajay Natwarlal Security – XTS
  5. Alice Blue
  6. Anand Rathi – XTS
  7. Angel Broking
  8. Arham Share Pvt. Ltd. – XTS
  9. Arham Wealth Management Pvt Ltd. – XTS
  10. Adroit Financial – XTS
  11. Asiatic Stock & Securities LTD – XTS
  12. BP Wealth – XTS
  13. CNB Finwiz Pvt Ltd – XTS
  14. Composite Edge – XTS
  15. DB International – XTS
  16. Dhan ( N/A with Copy Trading)
  17. Finvasia
  18. Firstock
  19. FlatTrade
  20. Fyers (N/A with Copy Trading)
  21. GRD Securities – XTS
  22. Growth Securities – XTS
  23. Gyandeep Stocks Pvt Ltd – XTS
  24. ICICI Direct ( N/A with Copy Trading)
  25. IIFL (Blaze) – XTS
  26. Jainam – XTS
  27. Jainam Duck
  28. Jaypee Capital Services LTD – XTS
  29. JM Financial – XTS
  30. Kotak Securities (N/A with Copy Trading)
  31. Kredent Trading – XTS
  32. M Prasad & Co. Ltd. – XTS
  33. Marck Securities – XTS
  34. Marwadi – XTS
  35. Master Trust
  36. Matrix Equitrade Pvt. Ltd. – XTS
  37. Motilal (JSON Rest API & XTS)
  39. Nirmal Bang – XTS
  40. NX Block Trades – XTS
  41. Pace Stock Broking Services Pvt. Ltd. – XTS
  42. PRB Securities – XTS
  43. Profit Mart
  44. RMoney Raghunath Money – XTS
  45. SAS Online
  46. ShareIndia – XTS
  47. Sharekhan ( N/A with Copy Trading)
  48. Shri Parasram Holdings Pvt. Ltd. – XTS
  49. SW Capital Pvt Ltd. – XTS
  51. TradeJini Cube Plus
  52. Transglobal Trade – XTS
  53. Trustline – XTS
  54. Upstox ( N/A with Copy Trading)
  55. Ventura Securities Limited – XTS
  56. Wisdom Ashlar – XTS
  57. Yashwi Securities – XTS
  58. Zebu ( Regular & XTS )
  59. Zerodha

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Myalgomate Technologies LLP is a software company specializing in providing a platform for algorithmic trading. We do not provide specific trading strategies to our clients. Our platform is designed to offer users the flexibility to configure and implement their own trading strategies. It is an open-ended software solution that allows clients to customize settings according to their requirements.

It is important to note that brokers provide open APIs that any software developer can use without the need for formal agreements. Therefore, the mention of broker names on our website is done in accordance with the nature of open APIs and the purpose of informing our users about available integration options.

We assert that no broker should send notices or claims regarding the mention of their name on our website without understanding the purpose behind it. We encourage brokers to recognize that the inclusion of their name is intended solely to inform users about the available options for integration with our platform.

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