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Product Details

Delta Neutral Auto Adjustment by UOT

Delta Neutral Auto Adjustment by UOT (Sai K).

Strategist: Mr. Sai Prasan K
UOT– Ur Ordinary Trader group.

For more details, please reach us at the below contact details.

Strategy Details

Salient Features


  1. Signal Window
  2. Options Leg
  3. Order Book
  4. Position Book
  5. Parameter Window
    • The Signal window shows the live signals generated and all different values like Entry Price, Target Price, SL Price, Quantity, etc. depending upon the strategy.
    • Order Book shows all the orders placed by the software.
    • Position Book shows the live MTM and open positions generated due to software.
    • Parameter Window displays all the parameters set by the user.

Some Other Functionalities:

  • User can save the configuration in case if he wants to trade the same configuration every day

Pre Requisites

Infrastructure :

  • Cloud Machine ( AWS Provides it for Free ) can be used in Windows / MAC System
  • If you opt for a Cloud machine, there is no other internet speed requirement or min computer requirement.
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