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King Strategy Algo: Options Setup By Prince Paul (ATF)

King Strategy Algo Trading setup is an options BUYing + SELLing strategy using RSI, ADX, and Supertrend for both Nifty and BankNifty.

King strategy by Prince Paul
Strategist: Mr. Prince Paul
Contact details: Mr. Santosh Rachotimath
Contact No : +91 99169 31315
Telegram: @SantuRach
Youtube Channel: Angel Trading Friend
This setup is also available on a subscription-based.
For details on the pricing of this setup, please reach us at the above contact details.
  1. We, Myalgomate Technologies LLP, are a technology provider platform and do not act/intend to act as a wealth manager/ advisor in any capacity.
  2. We’re just providing the software to automate the mentioned strategy. You should purchase it only if you’re well aware of the strategy and/or manually trading using the same strategy. If you’re not aware of the strategy, we’re not recommending you to start using this strategy.

Strategy Details

Instruments to trade:

  • Index Options

Intraday or Positional:

  • Intraday

Order Type:

  • Entry and Exit both happen on market price.


Initially, when the market opens we will take the Non-Directional (ND) Entry, and based on the Market movement Non-Directional (ND) is Converted to Directional Trade. It works well in all types of markets and hence it is mandatory to start the Algo software every day. Monthly ROI from past performance is 5% plus, calculated on a quarterly basis.

Max drawdown seen till today for any particular month is Rs.20000 per lot.

Entry Conditions:

  • The signal is scanned on an Index option. Trading happens on the option.


Trade on ATM strike prices.


Trade on Strike price selected by Non-Directional (ND) and same is converted to BUY positions based on market movement. Market movement is identified by RSI, ADX, and Supertrend.

Target and SL and trailing:

  • Users can configure the following parameters for Target, SL, and Trailing.

NonDirectional Entry:

  • If the user has selected mode Directional + Nondirectional, then only it will take entry based on this non
    directional entry part. Otherwise, it would wait for the directional setup to come.

Directional Entry:

  • If the user has selected the mode Directional only, then it will be taking fresh entry for the day based on this. If
    user has selected Directional + Nondirectional entry, then it will be converting from straddle to directional

Adding Symbols:

  • Select Underlying ( Nifty / Bank Nifty)

Kotssr Add Symbol


Exit Conditions:

  • Target
  • SL
  • User exits position
  • Time-based exit
  • Max Profit / Max Loss
  • Trailing SL

Quantity Logic:

  • As per set by the user


Demo of King Algo:

Configurable Parameters

Global Configurable Parameters:
(These parameters are common for all the symbols/underlying added for the strategy.)

  1. Timeframe (1/3/5/10/15/30/60)
  2. Strategy Mode (Directional, Directional + NonDirectional)
  3. Order Placement Flag

Configurable Parameters at Index level:
(These parameters can be configured at symbol/stock/options level.)

  1. Straddle Entry Time (09:18:00)
  2. Max Position Change Time (14:30:00)
  3. Exit Time (15:00:00)
  4. No of lots (1)
  5. ADX Period (14)
  6. RSI Period (14)
  7. RSI OverBought (60)
  8. RSI OverSold (40)
  9. ST Period (10)
  10. ST Multiplier (3)
  11. Entry Buffer points (0.05)
  12. Min SL points (50)
  13. Max SL points (200)
  14. Allowed premium difference %
  15. Strike adjustment SL % 
  16. Strike adjustment Target % 
  17. Nonexpiry day target premium
  18. Expiry day target premium
  19. Exit if position not changed (Checkbox)
  20. Exit MTM based 
  21. Max Profit
  22. Max Loss 

Salient Features


  1. Signal Window
  2. Order Book
  3. Position Book
  4. Parameter Window
    • The Signal window shows the live signals generated and all different values like Entry Price, Target Price, SL Price, Quantity, etc. depending upon the strategy.
    • Order Book shows all the orders placed by the software.
    • Position Book shows the live MTM and open positions generated due to software.
    • Parameter Window displays all the parameters set by the user.

Pre Requisites

Supported Broker:

  • Zerodha ( Required API Subscription of Interactive + Historical )

Infrastructure :

  • Cloud Machine ( AWS Provides it for Free ) can be used in Windows / MAC System
  • If you opt for a Cloud machine then there is no other requirement related to internet speed or min computer requirement.

Frequently Asked Question's

Que 1: What are the backtesting results of this strategy .?
Ans: You can reach us on the contact details provided we will share all Backtesting and PnL results.

Que 2: Can I get this set up on a subscription-based?
Ans: Yes, you can select from below payment mode
Payment mode 1: Monthly Subscription
Payment mode 2:Quarterly Subscription
Payment mode 3:Half-yearly Subscription
Payment mode 4:Yearly Subscription

Que 3: What are the charge or payment terms?
Ans: You can reach us on the contact details provided we will share all pricing details.

Que 4: Can I change max profit and max loss myself?
Ans: Yes.

Que 5: Can I login into my Zerodha Kite account while algo is running?
Ans: Yes.

Que 6: Who I can study more on Algo Trading?
Ans: You can refer to our blogs on Algo Trading at Blogs Section


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