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Strategy Automation - Myalgomate

Strategy Automation - Myalgomate

Request for Strategy Automation

We provide strategy automation services.
If you have a rule-based strategy that you want to automate, then you can send us details by filling out the following form. We will build a custom Algo for you.
Kindly go through the below link FAQs before filling out the form. It will address your many queries about getting started with Algo.
If you have any other questions, you can fill in the "Questions" section in the below form. FAQs :

    Full Name:
    Email ID :
    Mobile No.:
    Your Profession:

    Interested In?

    Who will use the Algo?

    Where did you hear about us?


    Strategy Name:

    Is it Intraday or Positional?

    List of Indicators used in your strategy:

    Strategy rules like entry, exit, target/SL, trailing, risk management, etc.

    List of Configurable Parameters:

    Please attach screenshots of entry/exit signals with proper marking, and any other files you want to share here:

    Any other questions you may have?:

    What amount of capital are you planning to deploy? (This question is relevant because we will be doing optimizations in automation as per the capital deployed)

    Is it a public domain strategy? If yes, then please share the link. (For public domain strategies we have special pricing)

    If you have any tentative budget for it, then please mention that so that I can give my suggestions accordingly.

    Please note, that the standard reply time will be 3-4 working days.
    You will receive a copy of the details filled in by you over email to the above-mentioned email ID.

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