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ATF Equity Scalping By Prince Paul

ATF Equity Scalping Trading setup is an equity Buying + Selling strategy.

Strategist: Mr. Prince Paul
ATF – Any Trader can Fly group.

For more details, please reach us at the below contact details.

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Salient Features


  1. Signal Window
  2. Order Book
  3. Position Book
  4. Parameter Window
    • The Signal window shows the live signals generated and all different values like Entry Price, Target Price, SL Price, Quantity, etc. depending upon the strategy.
    • Order Book shows all the orders placed by the software.
    • Position Book shows the live MTM and open positions generated due to software.
    • Parameter Window displays all the parameters set by the user.

Pre Requisites

Supported Broker:

  • Zerodha ( Required API Subscription of Interactive + Historical )

Infrastructure :

  • Cloud Machine ( AWS Provides it for Free ) can be used in Windows / MAC System
  • If you opt for a Cloud machine then there is no other requirement related to internet speed or min computer requirement.
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